Seeing Clearly in 2020

Happy New Year! It’s 2020, and immediately 20/20 vision comes to mind as a topic of discussion. I can see the appeal, and I think I could stay focused well enough to at least not make a spectacle of myself. But keeping the whole thing framed in the correct contacts might make this whole article a sight too cornea, even for me.

Honestly, I just wrote that because I know that someplace you go this year, or something that you listen to or watch, whether it be a church service, a class, a community gathering, a town hall, or any such event, somebody will use the metaphor of 20/20 vision in conjunction with the year. They will use it in seriousness, but I will have reached to you first. And despite the context, I hope you think of this and giggle.

The most frequent New Year’s resolutions are:

  • Lose weight
  • Eat healthier (lose weight)
  • Exercise more (lose weight)
  • Getting organized (lose weight in the home and office)
  • Getting out of debt (lose weight at the bank)
  • Traveling more (going someplace else to pretend you’ve already lost weight because nobody knows you)
  • Spending more time with family (being around people who make it impossible to lose weight)
  • Read more (cook books?)
  • Being less stressed (throwing in the towel and choosing not to lose weight after all)

I look forward to a lot of things when I think about coming to work every day, but my favorite is the laughter. I can hear it ringing down the halls from wherever people are gathered in the building, and if I get close enough the strong currents sweep me in too. The ability to laugh at life is fundamentally the ability to put life in perspective – it says that for all of the sad and difficult things in life, joy can be greater. Life is full of funny moments, and taking the time to appreciate them is so much less work than all the various forms of losing weight we put ourselves through! My vision for you in the New Year is that you consider this perspective, and look towards the funny side of things. The best part is that you all do it so naturally, it’s not really any work.