Nonprofit Heritage

View of the river

Located south of Portland in Milwaukie, Oregon, Homewoods on the Willamette overlooks the Willamette River and offers residents a relaxed place to live that is like a get away at home. We are conveniently located near shopping, public transportation, and medical clinics.

Homewoods was originally built as a place for retired ministers of the Pacific Evangelical Conference of North America and is located just blocks from the Jennings Lodge Retreat Center.  The community is built on the grounds of the former Braunaugh country estate once known as Homewoods. Today the people who live at Homewoods are retired professionals and public servants of all types including retired nurses, school teachers, military personnel, farmers, and business owners, as well as ministers. It is still the place of peace and beauty it has always been and is one of the most affordable retirement options in the greater Portland metropolitan area. All funds generated by the community are cycled back into the community to maintain our beautiful grounds and buildings.