Happy New Year 2017

I have been reading “The Night before Christmas” to my daughter every night for the last month, and I felt inspired to write my own New Year poem:


Homewoods 2017 Poem

Struggling ‘round the final bend,

Approaching the finish line,

My heart and head were pounding,

And I was running short on time.


The girth of fudge and fruitcake,

Anchored every step.

Ham and turkey dumplings bounced

And gravy poured like sweat.


I now cursed this foody burden,

The source of my past elation.

Despite excess of yuletide fuel

I was in swift deceleration.


The band struck up a festive tune

For a final time,

And I staggered and collapsed,

Across the finish line.


As I fell a shot rang out,

And I crawled forward with a whine,

To start the race anew,

As the band played “Auld Lang Syne.”


New Year
The koi are having a chilly New Year


Happy New Year!