The Homewoods Way

I received a warm welcome from Homewoods residents when I joined the staff last April. It is the same welcome they give to every new person, whether a staff member or community member, who comes into our place.  People who come for tours and visits always comment on the friendliness and the “feel” of our place here.

As I have gotten to know our staff and residents this year, kindness, hospitality, and service have stood out to me as core values of this community. Those are three different ways of saying, we take care of each other.

In April we will be travelling to the Mennonite Village in Albany to participate in the annual Leading Age Volunteer Recognition Luncheon. Homewoods resident Colleen Mickelson is being recognized this year for the many ways she helps out around Homewoods. Colleen volunteers in the Mercantile, bakes cookies, greets visitors, and helps out friends and neighbors without fanfare. Like so many who live here, she gives from the heart because she enjoys being of service.

I have been blessed to get to know this Homewoods community over the past year. Sharing our lives with each other in this beautiful place is about as good as it gets. We are fortunate people and we know that we are living well.

Adapted from the April edition of “Looking Ahead with Laura” in the Homewoods newsletter.