The wisdom of retirement living

The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, said, “Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and the end of human existence.”

In your retirement life, I believe your health; your attitude and everyday enjoyment of life are driven by wise choices.

We all have to make choices when we choose to retire. The obvious ones are ways to spend our time, how to maintain our health and energy and of course, how to have enough money in the golden years.

I believe that your retirement at Homewoods on the Willamette was a wise choice. Your decision to live in active retirement community is based on YOUR own wisdom. What do I really mean by that? Too often people discount their life experience and the learning required to be successful in your life.

Through all of your life stages you have made choices, some good, some you would rather not even think about. Give yourself a break, all humans make mistakes and it’s natural. The unrecognized wisdom is what you have learned by making choices that succeeded and the sometimes-uncomfortable lessons from the mistakes you have made.

We have all had successes and failures and learned from both.

  • We’ve been in control and sometimes not.
  • We’ve faced issues of right and wrong and the gray in between.
  • We’ve experienced a full range of emotions and their consequences.
  • We have learned from the positive and negative examples of the behavior of others.
  • We have laughed, cried, argued and loved.

I believe your experienced have created your own inner wisdom. May our community at Homewoods on the Willamette bring you with happiness, insight and joy.

Ready for a little fun? Click on this link for the “wisdom scorecard”.

I scored 3.9 on this 39-question wisdom scorecard, so I am “Moderately Wise.” I guess I have a lot more living and learning to do!