Homewoods’ COVID-19 Response

Overheard in the hall today:

Resident 1: “How are you doing with all this Corona Virus stuff?”

Resident 2: “Well, this is my first pandemic, but I think things are going ok.”

We’re in the middle of an emerging situation with the number of positive COVID-19 cases in Clackamas County increasing every day. During this time, communication is our best resource in keeping our residents and our community safe and healthy. Below you will find a summary of our response to this situation to date, as well as links to our state and federal resources for up to date information on the virus.

If you have questions or concerns about our response, please contact us through the website, or by phone at 503-659-3600.

Homewoods Response

In following local, state, and federal guidelines and in consideration of the mandates for social distancing and protection of vulnerable individuals from this virus, Homewoods has enacted several significant changes to our policies and procedures.

First, we are restricting all visitors to the community to essential visitors only. This means just outside medical staff, necessary vendors, and family who are essential for providing care for residents at this time. We are screening all individuals who are permitted to enter the building, as well as all Homewoods staff. We are accepting all deliveries at the front desk. Residents who have been away from the building overnight are also being screened upon their return.

We have also cancelled any of our activities in which ten or more people congregate, or in which we are not able to create adequate social distancing. Our transportation has been limited to only medical appointments at this time, though we are doing what we can to run errands and collect groceries for our residents as needed.

Our dining room is closed, but our food service staff is still actively preparing and delivering meals to all residents who request them. Our staff continue to shop for and stock our in-house convenience store with as many necessities as we can get our hands on.

Staff are on sanitization schedules for all common areas of the building, with frequently used spaces being cleaned with an anti-viral formula multiple times daily. Residents are also encouraged to frequent these spaces less. We intend to follow the guidance of our local health authority and medical providers should we have staff or residents exhibit symptoms of the virus, and we will communicate with all stakeholders about the emerging situation.

This threat and the response it requires is all new for our community, and it’s understandable that it may cause anxiety, discomfort, or inconvenience. Our residents have been understanding, courageous, and excellent partners in troubleshooting our processes to-date, and the families I’ve spoken with have been equally understanding.

Update: 3/23/2020

In complying with the Governor’s latest executive order, we have asked our Salon to close to residents for the time being. We understand that this creates a difficult situation for our residents and the salon operators alike, and hope to be able to resume those services as quickly as possible.

Links to More Information

Homewoods Facebook Page – Follow along and join the conversation about our response

Oregon Health Authority’s COVID-19 Webpage – Daily information on the number of cases by county and age range in Oregon. This site also includes links to the Governor’s press releases and executive orders.

Centers for Disease Control Webpage – National statistics by state, and a wealth of information of best practices for hygiene and physical distancing.