Gardens and Green Space

Homewoods residents enjoy the outdoors and many are avid gardeners. The Bob Veley blueberry patch on the east side of the building is highly productive and maintained by Homewoods residents in collaboration with ProScape our yard care service. Further down Williams’ Walk we also have raspberries available in mid to late summer. Finally, at the ground level , facing the river on the north side of the grounds, we have eleven raised bed gardens available for resident use. The garden spaces are given away by lottery each spring. Residents may choose to share a box or put their names in for a box all their own.

Our interior courtyard is beautifully landscaped and contains a small river that flows into our koi pond which is maintained year round. There are garden spaces for resident use at the top of the courtyard on the eastside. These beds are typically used for flowers.

Many of our residents enjoy walking around the grounds each day. Some avid walkers continue the walk down River Rd. or across Boardman Avenue to the nearby Trolley Trail. There are a number of parks within walking distance also.

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