Health Care

Bridges to Health

We understand that most people wish to remain independent as long as possible. At Homewoods we  have working relationships with all three  health care communities here on River Rd.  Willamette View can be accessed for any has strong in-home care and home health care services with well-trained staff who are less than four miles a way.  We have no minimum hour requirements and enjoy easy access to this vital community service. Our friends at Willamette View also have excellent onsite case management helping Homewoods residents to focus on their goal to stay independent. Should a short stay in skilled nursing become necessary, we also have access to nursing care at Willamette View. We thenn work as a team to bridge people home to their independent living apartment with services in place here at Homewoods to meet their needs.  Should assisted living become necessary, we also have a longstanding relationship with Homewood Heights Assisted Living up the hill from us. Many of our Homewoods on the Willamette community members enjoy attending weekly and annual events at “the Heights”, making it a familiar and welcoming setting.